Welcome to Utvecklingspedagogik

Welcome to our world. We are glad to share it with you.

Utvecklingspedagogik Sverige AB, an independent company with private ownership founded in 1994, is today a welfare organization committed to providing high quality service through our individual programs designed to increase not only students’ knowledge, but also their quality of life as active members of society. Our activities can be divided into two areas: Special needs education and Care. The later under the concept of LSS, which stands for the Act on Support and Service for Certain Disabled People.

Utvecklingspedagogik is the driving force behind  independent schools for students in needs of special needs education: 

Svedenskolan Bergshamra for students aged 6-16, with an autism spectrum disorder and Asperger syndrome.

Lunaskolan Bromma for students aged 7-16, with  neuropsychiatric diagnosis

Lunaskolan Soedra for students aged 10-16, with  neuropsychiatric diagnosis

Balders Förskola pree-shool for children 1-6 year

Baldersskolan for students aged 6-16, with retardation, including after school care

Häggsviks Gymasium for studens aged 16-21, with any type of learning disability who also could have additional functional disabilities. The four years of upper secondary school are an important preparation for adult life.

Lunagymnasiet  for students aged 16-21, with an neuropsychiatric diagnosis

The care operations within our units covering LSS concern the extracurricular activities and comprise the following: 

Balder Fritid, Häggvik Fritid, Luna Fritid Bromma, Luna Fritid Soedra  - after school  care which are time care (at our schools once school day is over and on vacations)

Rudebacken Korttids - a short time care during weekends and summer camps in rural setting.

Balder Korttids - a short time care in the same premesis as Balderskolan

Häggviks Ungdomsboende, Luna Ungdomsboende - boarding schools with training in independent living

Cameleonten Daglig verksamhet  - a work-focused daily activity for young adults and adults. Cameleonten has a healthcare-profile.

Balder Daglig Verksamhet - a  daily activity for young adults and adults. 

Our students’ development, security and sense of wellbeing are always our first priority. With a high personnel-to-student ratio, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff motivates our students to reach their highest potential based upon their individual abilities, needs and strengths. We also see parental contact as key and strive to establish a mutually open and trusting working relationship.

Our goal from the beginning has been to continuously develop our operations.  We have established a high level of competence within our organization throughout our 20 years in business, but we are not finished yet. We continue to grow through self-development and an increased awareness of the world around us. We strive to integrate recent field research developments into our operations and we see increased staff competence as integral in our quest to be a frontrunner in our field. Simply put, on-going development is one of our top goals.

Utvecklingspedagogik is here for you. Together, we will continue to grow.